Designing with PicToWeave means:
"Your only limitation is your imagination".

Feature List:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Over 650 pre-installed thread colours from all leading brands
  • Print / Preview your design as you go.
  • Print "Left Lists" using several formats
  • Print a complete list of threads used
  • Print " Layer List" for placing threads on the rod
  • Print a grid pattern on multiple pages
  • Design "Wizard" to get you started
  • "Auto paint" function automatically creates pattern from image - Great for names etc!
  • Interactive design based on rod dimensions
  • Import BMP or JPG images
  • Designed specifically for rod building!
  • Include your business name or logo on printouts
  • See how much of the rod the weave will cover
  • Adjust thread sizes to account for stretch and tension
  • Share your designs with other custom thread artists
  • Runs on Windows 7 & Windows 8 in both 32 & 64 bit version
  • Import/Export spread sheets
  • Zoom in/out on grid
  • Multi-Language support
  • Dual monitor support
  • Flip and rotate weave patterns to change orientation on rod!
  • Save patterns to JPG for easy emailing and web posting.
  • Automatic notification when updates are available
  • Free updates and support!

Giant Thread Library!

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PicToWeave ships with thread colors from many popular manufacturers of rod building thread. Gudebrod®, Madeira®, Speed® and Pac Bay®
Plus, you can add your own custom colors. Work from a left list, or directly from a weave pattern which can be printed over many pages for easy viewing. Preview your work as you go. Fill the background with your choice of colors for a realistic view of what the weave will look like on the rod. Not limited to fishing rods! Monogram or customise your gaffs, golf clubs or pool cues as well!
PicToWeave allows you to take your custom rod building to the next level!

Cobia by Doc Ski - designed in PicToWeave

The future of thread art has arrived!

PicToWeave is designed specifically for the needs of both the professional custom rod builder and the hobbyist.

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What our users say...

"After decades of designing my own patterns by hand and being somewhat computer challenged I have found a software program that really works for me and in a way I am very used to. With PicToWeave, an artist can still use his artistic skill by what he chooses to include in the pattern but it saves tedious hours in areas like making left lists and adjusting a pattern to different sizes. Worth every penny." (James "Doc Ski" Labanowski)

"It's da BOMB!" (Tom Walters)

The simple interface allows even computer "dummies" to quickly develop professional quality thread art designs. These can be printed for personal use or for sale to other rod builders.

The results speak for themselves. The value of a tool can be measured by the quality of the work actually being produced. More great weaves are being created using PicToWeave than any other software package.

Leading the way in thread art software!

This is a filler image When you choose PicToWeave, you can be assured that you have chosen a product that is designed from the ground up for nothing but rod building. The developers and owners of PicToWeave are all dedicated fishing enthusiasts and rod builders. We consulted with some of the worlds best in the field of rod building to ensure we had the right balance of features and ease of use to make the best tool possible for both professional rod builder and hobbyist alike.

Crouching Tiger Weave Razorback Weave

  • Extensive on-line help files
  • Free access users forum
  • Video tutorials

All these things and more are avilable when you join the PicToWeave community

Copyright © Loaded Dog Enterprises 2007-2015 - All rights reserved.

Recent work by PicToWeave users!
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PicToWeave is now free!
We have decided that due to other matters requiring our undivided attention that we can no longer continue to develop the program..
The only way which we could ensure that existing customers continued to be able to use the program was to release it in a free version that doesn't require registration.
Please note that only paid subscribers will receive any personal support in future!
Anyone who has not previously purchased PicToWeave must use the forum for all support questions.
All emails and facebook messages from non-subscribers will be ignored!
Users must be members of the forum in order to be able to download!


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